Nautilus Defense

Leveraging Technology to Improve Global Safety and Security

Since 2007 our team has worked to support the United States Armed Forces’ anti-terrorism and force protection efforts.  We are principal experts of the IMSS maritime domain awareness system, which monitors over 2,000 miles of shipping lanes in Southeast Asia.  Stateside, we've installed and maintained communications and physical security systems for both the United States Navy and the United States Coast Guard.  Together with our partners, we are developing new technologies to enhance the warfighter’s operational safety and effectiveness.

Systems Development

Our experience applying technologies informs a practical approach to integrated systems design. Together with our partners, we use a cooperative, multi-disciplinary process to ensure every aspect of a system’s functionality is vetted for real-world effectiveness.

Owing to our extensive background designing and installing mission-critical systems for harsh operational environments, we understand the best practices required to ensure long-term system performance. We are skilled designers of procedures to bolster quality assurance throughout the development process.

Systems Installation

We excel at the planning and execution of integrated technical systems installations. Our experienced team of technicians is well-versed in a wide variety of technologies, specializing in maritime surveillance and physical security systems. These systems exist in shipboard, sensor tower, vehicle, facility, and off-shore environments around the globe, primarily in austere locations in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

We are seasoned veterans of the challenges which accompany the transitioning of systems from laboratory to field environments. Through exhaustive preparation and pragmatism, our team has consistently found success under the most trying of conditions. We strictly follow best practices and understand the level of precision required for accurate scientific field testing. We operate with an aim to optimize our installations for long-term mission effectiveness.

Systems Sustainment

Long-term system effectiveness requires a comprehensive understanding of operational and technical realities. Our team has worked extensively to keep mission-critical systems operational around the globe. We have managed every aspect of the sustainment process and aim to maximize system uptime while minimizing costs.

Our team is equipped with the technical knowledge and field experience required for effective preventative and corrective maintenance actions. By building relationships with OCONUS partners we are able to improve our responsiveness to system issues abroad. For situations where regular maintenance visits are impractical, we are able to provide training to empower end-users to identify and address issues as they arise.